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What You Can Do

When the ground is still wet, and easy to dig, but the air is mild and it’s pleasant enough to spend time working outside – it’s the perfect time for making a pond! This will attract a huge range of wildlife to your project – both in and out of the water, from birds to butterflies to dragonflies and frogs.

A Different Approach to Camping

You might have experienced camping as a kid, but it’s changed a lot since then. Nowadays, many camping experiences are closer to a hotel stay than a rough-and-ready backpacking trip. Double beds, windows and wood stoves are great for some, but others are looking for a wilder way to camp, with lower budgets, which is also much less pressure for you – the landowner!

Enter CampWild UK – the basic idea behind the concept is simple – reduce the effort required by the landowner – lower the barrier to entry – to allow camping on even relatively small plots of land. According to the founder, the concept is so low intensity that it doesn’t even require navigating any planning legislation. Just set up a geofenced area for your guests (like for NoFence) and accept bookings as they come in.

Wild camping
Sites are available across the UK, so even if you're not interested in hosting, perhaps you might be keen to visit?

The Logistics

We asked CampWild UK the kinds of questions that we thought you were likely to have – here are their responses:

What about legal liability?
Campers have to sign a standard waiver, which provides some protection against legal claims. They’re also mandated to take out travel insurance, which is another step towards protecting the landowner. We do require that landowners have public liability insurance.

What about toilets?
By default, campers are required to carry off their 💩 with them. In fact, we offer advice on how to do this. But if you have toilet facilities, or offer on-site places for burial, that’s great, too.

Will they bring dogs?
By default, campers are not permitted to bring dogs. We are as concerned as you about the welfare of farm animals and biodiversity. But if you decide to allow pets, that’s fine.

How much will I earn?
It’s less than a regular campsite, but much less effort, too. You’ll get £10-20 per night, per booking.

What is geofencing?
On CampWild UK, you can draw camping areas on a satellite map, and turn them on or off (e.g. depending on when they’re being grazed). You can also use the same idea to specify an ‘access corridor’, allowing your guests to safely arrive at their site without trespassing outside the lines.

Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about this concept, head over to their website, and be sure to let them know we sent you! For reference, we don’t earn a commission, but are big fans of this new idea,