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12 Questions Tag: Facts About Me!

14th December 2021
12 Wild Questions

We’ve got 12 questions about life in the wild and we’d like you to answer them!

Join in with #howtorewild12 and the instructions below.

What’s Your First Wildlife Memory?

My parents made a wildlife pond in our front garden when I was in primary school and it had ‘crazy paving’ along one side (because ‘90s). But I remember that when the resident tadpoles turned into froglets and hopped onto it, to head out into the world, the paving was so hot that their skin got stuck to the concrete! I had to help transport them from one side of the paving to the safety of the lawn on the other. Early trauma…

Which Species is at the Top of Your Bucket List?

I’ve only seen an adder once, very briefly, when I was a kid. I find that hiking on heathlands with my son (aged 7) is a great way to find lizards, but I’ve never seen a snake with him, and I’m sure he’d be stoked.

What’s Your Favourite Garden Bird?

Robin – they’re so charismatic.

Name One Species We Should Reintroduce to the UK.

I’m a big fan of reptiles and amphibians, so I think European Tree Frogs should be brought back as a priority!

Would the Earth be Better or Worse Without Humans?

Worse. The things we’ve achieved, and can achieve, are phenomenal (science, art, literature). I think we just need to make more space for nature by reducing meat consumption and continue working on other negative impacts.

Rewilded Garden

Do you have a Current Outdoor Project?

I’m in the final stages of buying a 3.5 acre field for rewilding. And I’ve spent the past 3 years turning my back garden from concrete and gravel into native woodland (above) and lawn.

What’s a Fact About the Wild You Wish More People Knew?

Dams do not produce ‘green’ energy – their reservoirs emit as much greenhouse gases every year as Canada (Source).

Where’s Your Favourite Local Wild Place?

Worlebury Woods – just 15 minutes walk from my house. It’s a deciduous forest on a limestone hill, with lots of fungi in Autumn and a decent amount of birds.

Chris D'Agorne in Alaska 2008

Where’s the Wildest Place You’ve Visited?

I went out walking into the tundra by myself a few times (above) when I stayed on Barter Island in Alaska. There were Polar and Grizzly Bears roaming around so I had to carry bear spray with me and keep an eye out. I walked across frozen lakes and found flocks of Snow Geese and Tundra Swans.

What’s Your Must-Bring Item on Hikes?

My 7-year-old son.

Kingfisher at Hengistbury Head

Show Us Your Favourite Wildlife Photo

I set up my iPhone on a fence to take a timelapse shot of the sun rising over some beach huts in Bournemouth when a Kingfisher flew up (above) and landed on the fence right next to it.

Explain Rewilding in 25 Words

Kickstarting nature recovery with 3 D’s:

  • Dispersal: enabling movement between habitats
  • Diversity: improving this, e.g. reintroductions
  • Disturbance: allowing natural processes, e.g. dead trees, river bends

How to Take Part

Bloggers: Copy the questions below and post the answers to them on your blog, linking back to this post. I’ll backlink to your blog in a future post if you tag us on Instagram – @how_to_rewild #howtorewild12

Social Media: Post your answers in the description of a regular post and use the hashtag #howtorewild12 to join the conversation. You can use the image at the top or the grayscale version below if you like!


What’s your first wildlife memory?

Which species is at the top of your bucket list?

What’s your favourite garden bird?

Name one species we should reintroduce to the UK.

Would the Earth be better or worse without humans?

Do you have a current outdoor project?

What’s a fact about the wild you wish more people knew?

Where’s your favourite local wild place?

Where’s the wildest place you’ve visited?

What’s your must-bring item for hikes?

Show us your favourite wildlife photo.

Explain rewilding in 25 words.

12 Wild Questions bnw

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