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The Secrets of Urban Rewilding – A Clear and Simple Guide

Urban Rewilding Explained

A Guide to Urban Rewilding Written by Chris D’Agorne, in partnership with It’s obvious that bigger rewilding projects have a bigger impact on nature. But perhaps less obvious that this relationship isn’t a straight line – a 100m2 patch of land has more value to nature if it’s part of a larger project than if […]

Rewilding for Fungi

Amanita Muscaria (c) Rewilding Mycology

Guest Blog by David Satori MSc This guest blog was written by David Satori MSc, a mycological consultant who conducts surveys and monitoring for fungi in rewilding initiatives. Follow his popular @rewilding_mycology account on Instagram or visit the Rewilding Mycology website to find out more about rewilding with fungi! A Bit About Fungi It’s no […]

How to Buy Land for Rewilding

How to Buy Land for Rewilding

Part of our series on How to Rewild a Field. A clear and helpful guide which explains how to find land in the UK, what the right price is for farmland and how the buying process work, step-by-step. My Experience As I’ve bought land for rewilding recently myself, I’ll break this down into simple steps […]

The Best Rewilding Books

The Best Rewilding Books

Our best pick of the rewilding and regenerative agriculture books. Whatever your background, there’s a rewilding book for you. Over the past few years, the genre has exploded, but here are our top 5 books for rewilders – perfect Christmas gifts for people interested in rewilding. Rebirding – Benedict Macdonald Topic: Nature With Ben’s history […]

What is Rewilding? A Helpful Guide

Structural Diversity at Wild Ken Hill

Learning from nature to create self-healing ecosystems. Rewilding is the restoration of natural processes across a connected landscape to create self-willed ecosystems which can heal themselves, creating benefits for both people and nature.  What is Rewilding? It’s worth splitting the definition of rewilding up into two parts – people and nature. The ‘nature’ is how […]

How to Run a Small Scale Rewilding Project

How to Run a Small Scale Rewilding Project

How to Run a Small-Scale Rewilding Project A case study in practical rewilding of a field. In Somerset, there’s a 3.5 acre field, cut down the middle by a public footpath. Here, rewilding principles are being applied and experiments run over many years to discover the most cost-effective and efficient way of restoring small-scale projects. […]

How to Rewild a Farm

Fallow Deer on Knepp - a rewilded farm

How to Rewild a Farm A clear and helpful introduction to rewilding for farmers and estate owners. Many farmers are turning to rewilding, regenerative agriculture and nature-friendly farming to create alternative sources of income. Farming in tandem with nature can still be productive, especially in organic systems, and the diversification can help to reduce financial […]

What are Mother Trees and Master Trees?

What are Mother Trees and Master Trees?

‘Mother’ and ‘Master’ trees are two completely different ideas from separate branches of ecology, which both demonstrate the vital role large trees play in our landscape. Mother Trees How do trees behave? Some of the questions which come up in modern forestry science might surprise you: Do trees have a sense of self-identity?  Do they […]

How to Buy Your Own Nature Reserve

How to Buy a Nature Reserve

“But how could you actually own a nature reserve?”  Someone asked me that question today. Well, you can and I do. It’s also much simpler than I imagined when I first set out to do it. What does it cost to buy a nature reserve? I have 3.5 acres of land that I own outright… […]

Can I Buy a Biodegradable Tree Tube?

Deciduous forest in Dorset - Copyright Chris D'Agorne - no unauthorised use

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media over the past year about the damage that plastic tree tubes do to our landscape, but are there actually any good alternatives? Why do we need tree tubes anyway? The very species that we love to see in the countryside – deer, hare and voles – […]