Rewilding Glossary


We try to avoid using jargon in the guides and actions on How to Rewild. But sometimes a sentence flows a bit better if we can write something more specific, with fewer words.  This is a collection of the words and phrases you may see us using from time to time that aren’t always explained […]

Top 5 UK Rewilding Holiday Destinations

Knepp rewilding project

We’ve done a deep dive into UK rewilding destinations and found some of Britain’s best sites to visit in 2024, where your stay will genuinely help to subsidise the cost of rewilding projects. Coombeshead is home to the rare and elusive Derek Gow, who famously bred many of the UK’s beavers. Rewilding Coombeshead Shepherd huts […]

The Ultimate Guide to UK Deer Fences (& Alternatives)

The Ultimate Guide to British Deer

This is the complete guide to keeping deer off your land or out of your garden, whether using a deterrent or a fence.  We’ve got clear and simple recommendations, based on scientific research, and information from DEFRA, the Forestry Commission and The British Deer Society.  Summary In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn: Why do I […]

A Simple Guide to the New Environmental Land Management Schemes

A Simple Guide to ELMs

In England, the government’s new plans for land management funding, announced in Dec 2021 and Jan 2022, are split into 3 levels.  Local and Sustainable levels will apply to the vast majority of farmers, while Landscape only applies to landowners wishing to change their entire farming system. Local Nature Recovery From 2023, Local Nature Recovery […]

Top 7 Best Websites and Apps for Rewilding

Buy Native plant search

Rewilding can seem overwhelming at first, no matter how big your project is, but these free apps and websites help make it clear and easy to manage. 1 Buy Native When you’re starting out with a rewilding project, part of the battle is getting a diverse community of native plants established. Sourcing those plants […]

The Best Rewilding Books

Best Rewilding Books

Whatever your background, there’s a rewilding book for you. Over the past few years, the genre has exploded, but here are our top 5 books for rewilders – perfect Christmas gifts for people interested in rewilding. Rebirding – Benedict Macdonald Topic: Nature With Ben’s history working in Natural History TV, there’s a strong sense of […]

Top 7 UK Rewilding Charities

European Bison

If you’re looking for an ethical Christmas gift or thinking about leaving a legacy to a UK rewilding charity, it can be tricky to know which is the best choice. To make your life simpler, we’ve independently assembled the facts and figures that show what these charities do and how they spend their money. Every […]

How to Buy Your Own Nature Reserve

How to Buy your own Nature Reserve

“But how could you actually own a nature reserve?” Someone asked me that question today. Well, you can and I do. It’s also much simpler than I imagined when I first set out to do it. What does it cost to buy a nature reserve? I have 3.5 acres of land that I own outright… […]

Can I Buy a Biodegradable Tree Tube?

Plastic tree tubes on rewilding project

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media over the past year about the damage that plastic tree tubes do to our landscape, but are there actually any good alternatives? Why do we need tree tubes anyway? The very species that we love to see in the countryside – deer, hare and voles – […]

The 3 D’s of Rewilding

The 3 D's of Rewilding

An easy to understand definition of rewilding, based on scientific principles. These 3 dimensions aren’t all or nothing – rewilding is a spectrum and each step along the way will yield results. Resilience Rewilding is a way of bringing back resilience to ecosystems and helping nature to help ourselves. Before rewilding, humans tried to work […]