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What is Rewilding? A Simple Explanation.

What is Rewilding - A simple explanation

Whether you’re 8 or 80, here’s a clear and simple explainer… Here at How to Rewild, it’s our mission to ditch the jargon, so we came up with a clear and simple explanation of rewilding that everyone can understand… Before modern humans walked the Earth, wild nature thrived without our help.  Rewilding returns natural spaces […]

Why is Rewilding Important for Humans?

Why is Rewilding important for humans?

People and nature are both integral to rewilding. Rewilding is not just important for wildlife – it’s vital for humans, too. Let’s take a look at its impacts on climate change, flooding and farming. Ecosystems Constantly Change For decades, conservation has been working against natural processes, following the science to try and hold nature in […]