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Chris D'Agorne

How to Rewild, and its sister site Buy Native, was created by Chris D’Agorne. Someone recently described me as an ‘ecopreneur’ and that’s probably a good name for what I do, if a bit of an awkward one. 

With 3.5 acres of land that I’ve been managing for about two years now, I started researching rewilding as a way to teach myself what I needed to know. This evolved into a full time role at Ecosulis – the UK’s first rewilding consultancy – where I worked for about two years.

Why How to Rewild?

I created How to Rewild to improve access to free rewilding advice, but over time I heard from more and more landowners who wanted access to more detailed information. 

These gardeners and landowners weren’t served well by consultants, who ignored their messages, or charged £10,000s for multi-year contracts. So I created a system that allowed nature enthusiasts to access consultancy-quality advice for free.

Biodiversity loss is one of the main issues that threaten our survival, and tackling it requires engaging as many people as possible.

How to Rewild’s purpose is to democratise access to high quality nature recovery information. We’ll then re-invest the profits back into educational resources, and land purchases in the UK for longer term restoration efforts. We already own 3.5 acres of land, which is managed for nature recovery.

Varied Career

I’ve had a very varied career, which has taken in everything from radio-tracking black bears in Minnesota to cleaning toilets in Alaska, photographing models on the Isle of Wight and teaching primary school children. 

I am lucky enough to have ticked a number of different creative boxes over the years, and have been a professional photographer, videographer, video editor, writer, illustrator, podcast producer and public speaker.


It’s difficult to summarise my background in a paragraph or two, but some highlights that are relevant to How to Rewild include:

– guest lecturer at Manchester School of Architecture, 2024
– invited speaker on pond restoration at the 2023 CIEEM Summer Conference
– running a multimillion pound travel website for 2.5 years
– creating Buy Native – a new search engine for native plants
– working in comms at Ecosulis for 21 months
– guest speaker at National Outdoor Expo, CampWild UK stand

Get in Touch

You can find out more about my career on my Linkedin.

I’ve been interviewed for More Magazine in the USA; for the film Saving: HOPE, and I’ve appeared as a guest speaker at several conferences across the UK.

I’m always interested in doing further interviews, so do get in touch on