Rewilding Consultancy

From just £49/session

“I just want a little Chris in my pocket, who can give me all his wisdom and knowledge when I feel I’m confused by any natural process or solution on the field… And his passion and enthusiasm, too!”


“Thanks for the patient and dynamic responses. I think the attendees gained a great deal from your input. Hugely motivational for our students and I know colleagues in other areas would be keen to make contact with you.”

Lecturer at University Event

“Our chat last time was so invaluable, I’m so grateful! Your knowledge exceeded those of the lecturers on my course, so working with you on this management plan was really helpful.”


Chris D'Agorne

Chris D'Agorne - Rewilding Consultant

I own a 3.5 acre project, while managing and creating content for How to Rewild, and its sister site, Buy Native. That’s a search engine for native plants.

You can find out more about my work – my board position at Wilderkind, university lectures, podcast appearances etc on the Contact page. 

The sessions I run as a consultant are about helping you make the most of your land. Offering solutions to your problems and pointing you in the direction of resources which can provide further help.

What's in a Rewilding Consultation?

Great Value

We offer a one hour video consultation for only £49.

But you can save further, by getting two hours at the discounted rate of just £89.

How to Book

Book a session by getting in touch  on – my current availability is Mon/Tue 4-7 and Thu 9-3.

What to Bring

Bring as many resources as you can to the session… Photos, maps, plans etc. You can share your screen and walk me through each one..


We can talk about whatever is relevant and useful to you. A typical first session will involve running through an overview of your land.

Not Just Rewilding

These sessions will usually go beyond rewilding, and touch upon aspects of permaculture, nature recovery, regenerative agriculture and nature-friendly farming.

Size of Land

Size isn’t everything. The approach we take is just as relevant in gardens as on farms. There’s plenty to chat about, even for regular-sized gardens.