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UK Rewilding Jobs

Your career in conservation starts here.

Discover rewilding jobs in Britain and Northern Ireland from a list of career pages, so you don’t miss out on that next exciting opportunity.

For a filtered list of rewilding jobs including trustee positions, find our partner site Jobs with Porpoise.

Promoted Organisations

CreditNature is a green fintech firm dedicated to transforming the relationship between landholders, the economy, and nature. By linking landholders wishing to rewild their sites with pioneering corporations, they are supporting businesses to secure sustainable growth, and helping to recover the planet. 

They do this using their CreditNature platform, Nature Impact Tokens (a digital investment tool), and specifically designed approach to measuring and enhancing ecosystem integrity and biodiversity. Join their mission of forging a path to ‘rewild half the planet by 2050’.

Free Listings

Ecosulis Jobs


The largest UK rewilding consultancy, with technology at the heart of its nature restoration delivery services, and an inclusive approach to rewilding.

Embercombe Jobs


Devon’s up-and-coming rewilding destination, running rewilding courses and offering ecoutourism opportunities.

Highlands Rewilding Jobs

Scottish Highlands

Two estates in the Scottish Highlands, being used for rewilding research and as a testbed for restoration in the UK.

Knepp Jobs

South East

The most popular rewilding destination in England, with ecotourism facilities, a regenerative farm and an estate that is working on the rewilding of hundreds of hectares of countryside.

Heal Rewilding Jobs


An independent rewilding charity, now working at its first large rewilding site in Somerset.

Mossy Earth Jobs


The UK’s most popular rewilding Youtubers are also a subscription-based organisation, powering nature recovery projects across Europe with donor support.

Real Wild Estates Jobs


A rewilding advisory company which helps large estates to monetise their land and deliver gains for biodiversity.

Rewilding Britain Jobs


The UK’s most famous rewilding charity, working to advocate for rewilding policy and raise funds to promote and inform rewilding projects.

Scotland: The Big Picture Jobs


A research and advocacy organisation which is making waves in Scottish rewilding and beyond, with its focus on a holistic, scientific approach to the field.

Trees for Life Jobs

Scottish Highlands

Long-established charity with reforesting projects in the Scottish Highlands and a nursery producing native trees.

Wild East Jobs

East of England

The East of England’s coordinating rewilding organisation, based at Somerton Leys, with a network extending across the area and impressive credentials.

Wild Ken Hill Jobs


One of the UK’s best examples of regenerative agriculture blending into rewilding, Wild Ken Hill is a coastal site which is leading the farming industry towards more progressive land management. 

Wildlife Trust Jobs


Many of the UK’s local Wildlife Trusts have begun focusing on rewilding approaches to countryside management (though they may describe this as ‘wilding’). Somerset and Kent are leading the charge, but the strategy is rolling out nationally.

Chris D'Agorne MSc - Founder / How to Rewild
Chris D'Agorne MSc - Founder / How to Rewild
Founder of How to Rewild, with two years' professional experience in the rewilding sector. Chris has a BSc in Psychology and Zoology, with an MSc in Biotechnology and 3.5 acres of land that is being used as an experimental small-scale rewilding project.

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